Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Down With Y-E-L-P Party

I'd never been to a YELP party before Saturday Night.  Now that I've been, I need to push to become "Elite" so I can go to more parties they throw because it was a kickin' party, y'all.  I was really, really excited for this party because I'd heard that YELP gatherings were a class act!

The Venue - Life in Deep Ellum.  It's a cultural center in, well, Deep Ellum (a section of Downtown Dallas) It was a good size for this event, parking was a little challenging as their lot is on the small side,  but I found a spot pretty easily (though not in their lot, however to be fair, I don't think they have big things like this going on every week), it was not glitzy or glamourous but I think with this sort of gathering, the venue being simple is a plus and I am hoping to go back there for a less crowded event at some point.I did feel like I was a good decade older than most of the other attendees but one of the first things I did, to help fit in with the theme and give myself a little bit of a younger vibe was let the absolutely amazing Live Hair Group stylist give me bangs. I haven't really changed my hairstyle in eons and he did a stellar  job.  The girl before me getting her bangs done was really nervous but she looked absolutely gorgeous when she was done (she was stunning to begin with, but he did a superb job with her bangs!)

They had a DJ spinning the 90's tunes who was excellent, not much as far as mic work, but I think that the crowd was more interested in music than talk, so he did a really excellent job with gauging the crowd. It was so much fun to spend a night listening to music that I knew all the words to (why yes, I AM OLD....and would you kindly get off my lawn?*giggle).  Dallas PowerHouse had dancers there and they were all very talented and about a half hour in (perhaps everyone having, by then, a drinky or two under their belts) several people were on the dance floor.  The furniture from CORT was very stylish, functional and comfortable.

There were Bahn Mi sandwich slices from Pho is for Lovers, which I will need to track down in the VERY near future as I was impressed with their Bahn Mi and am always on the hunt for tasty Vietnamese eggrolls. Velvet Taco had an amazing pulled pork taco with a pineapple habenero salsa that was spicy but not "my mouth is on fire" spicy  So, I'll be tracking down Velvet Taco soon, as well. The Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with lemonade was a nice quencher for the taco's spice.  Top all that deliciousness off with a taste of Whiskey Cake... had I known how delicious the Whiskey Cake is when my office-mates and I had gone there for lunch a few weeks ago, I would have skipped ordering food and just had cake!

The event was fun, the music was awesome, the food fabulous and the drinks were outstanding.  Very happy that I was given the opportunity to attend! There were other tables I just didn't make it to but what I did sample was excellent.  There wasn't much opportunity (due to the volume of the music, which was completely appropriate to the venue and event) to socialize with other Yelpers.  A number of people came with friends or found friends that I assume they'd met at other events but for people like me who didn't know anyone, there was just not really any opportunity to strike up conversation.  And I assure you that while there may have been people who thought I did not dress for the event (90's theme), I assure you that except for my shoes, what I wore was actually purchased in the 90's.  (Yeah, that tells you something about my "fashion sense").  It's funny, because one of the reviews I read complained that the music was not "strictly 90s" and that there were quite a few 80's songs played.  I think it had more to do with playing what was danceable/keeping a hip hop theme than anything else.  Plus, as someone who has done some DJing, try as you might, there are going to be a couple of mis-tagged songs in most sets.  It happens.

Hoping I can work my way to YELP Elite for 2012 so I can get invited to more YELP events!

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