Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time keeps on slippin'...

Time sortve got away from me last night.  I was finishing up a project at work and didn't leave until nearly 6PM, had to stop and get gooshy food for the kitty and either a miracle occurred or the apocalypse is nigh because for the first time EVER I went into Target, got only what I went for (gooshy food for the kitty) and nothing else, checked out and went home.  I NEVER go to Target without getting way more than expected. It was weird. I had thought about maybe getting a curling iron so I can do something with my new slightly different from usual hairstyle but it's been eons since I last used a curling iron and it's not like I am a froufy kinda gal so even if I got one, who knows if I would actually use it or just get frustrated that I couldn't do anything good with it.  I figure if I get a gift card at some point, I may actually get the curling iron (since it then would not impact my bottom line like spending the money I should be saving for food on a curling iron)  and the fact remains that I DO have hot rollers, so if I feel the need to get my curl on, it's not like I have no way to do so.

I realized last night that I will likely be having Kraft Mac n' Cheese for Thanksgiving dinner.  I'll be home alone (my family is all over 1000 miles away and I have neither the time nor the funds to travel).  But for the last several years, Thanksgiving has been a small "celebration" usually marked by stuffing myself with delicious food that I didn't cook (the benefits of having a housemate who cooks!) and this year the housemate is out on the road for work and I am just not inclined to cook a bunch of food I won't end up eating (leftovers for days is not my idea of fun).

But now it is time to get ready for my day. I am tired.I am hoping some caffeine will help. It will at least taste good.  Have a stellar day, y'all!

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