Sunday, November 20, 2011

T-Mobile DFW Blogger Party

Ok, as promised, I am going to tell you about the T-Mobile DFW blogger gathering that I went to on Thursday night.

TexasHolly sent the invite and I was excited to not only get to see the latest tech stuff and get tips on holiday shopping (something I admit I am AWFUL at doing...) but also get to see some blogger friends I hadn't seen since the last one of these fabulous soirees!

Since I work super close to the venue, it wasn't a surprise that I was early.  Except that I'd had a class that day and STILL ended up being there at 5:30 for a 7PM event. Oops!  Fortunately, I caught a power nap whilst waiting so was revved up and ready when it was finally "Go!" time!

Got in the door and wristbanded, entered the contest by tweeting (actually, I tweeted to @TexasHolly before I even got in the door!) and played some games.  I also lovingly caressed tablets and phones and thought a lot about what my next tech purchase should be.

There was WONDERFUL lemonade and sandwiches and little tasty cakes and I had to restrain myself from parking next to the table and hoovering it all up.  Fortunately, there was plenty going on and I was distracted from the deliciousness (seriously, the tomatoes on the sandwiches were fresh and tasty and that is a rarity when eating catered food. BONUS POINTS!)

Fred the Regional Manager was on hand, which was pretty impressive due to the fact that OFFICIALLY he was on vacation.  I choose to believe he had wanted our stellar company and not that he was afraid of what chaos a pack of bloggers would unleash upon his store (for the record, there was no dancing on countertops, however, there WERE flying monkeys!).  Arthur and Tanya (who looked stunning in her pink sequin Santa hat!) helped us out by chaperoning the games and it was cool that they genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I know it can be tough to be tapped to work events like this when you'd rather be home in front of the TV, so I thank them for being fabulous hosts!

There were FIVE phones raffled off.  And I was pretty psyched to win one, even though I don't have T-Mobile service I am thinking of having a giveaway that will star the phone I won.  Stay tuned for that!  (Yes, I am planning it for before the December holidays, so it can be given as a gift).

Fred shared some websites with us to make our lives easier including Big Oven  Need a recipe idea?  Check out Big Oven!  200,000+ recipes!  I'll try and find my list and post a few more linkies over the next few days.

It was a ton of fun (and I'd say that even if I hadn't won something), I loved seeing blogger friends, TexasHolly throws GREAT parties and I am looking forward to the next DFW blogger gathering.  Thank you to T-Mobile and TexasHolly for a fabulously fun evening!

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