Monday, November 28, 2011

The Only Constant Is Change

I've been hearing that Google Friend Connect (GFC) is going away, to be replaced by Google+ (at least until the Next Big Thing comes along) so I added a little clicky over in my righthand sidebar that will take you to my (at the moment) rather sparse Google+ page that I just got around to actually creating. Because I'm cutting edge. Or I'm behind the curve trying to catch up.

It's gotten chilly.  I suppose with it being nearly December, I should have expected this. However, I did not.  Furthermore, I don't like it one bit. But, no one asked me and it appears that Old Man Winter is going to keep on stalking me, whether I want him to or not.  I was sure I'd left him behind when I moved South, but like a bad penny he's come back to haunt me (no, I never understood the whole "bad penny" thing, but people say it so it must mean something close to how I'm using it here).

Can you believe November is almost over? I am still trying to finish my NaNoWriMo novel so it'll be crazy the next couple of days.  Then I get back to my "normal" life.  Except that I am not quite sure what that entails anymore. I guess it means I can't procrastinate any more and will have to actually clean out the Closet o' Doom.  Or , ya know, maybe I can find a second job and a few more volunteer gigs... I'll feel better after I've faced the Closet o' Doom, right?

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