Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tiara...

I'm going to be 45 in March.  It makes me feel a little sick to admit that. I am not someone who has accepted the aging process well.  I still freak out at the gray hair I often see in the mirror (to be fair, I got my first gray hair at 25... and I cried for pretty much a week after I found it).

For the last 15-20 years if you asked me what I wanted for my birthday or for Christmas or any other gifting occasion I would have told you "I want a tiara".  And then you would have laughed because what would a grown woman possibly want a tiara for?

Well, here's the thing... The Bloggess (who I have a HUGE girl-crush on) has this traveling red dress thing she's doing.  And one of the things she's said about it is that the red dress isn't always a red dress. It is something you've wanted but not gotten/done for yourself because it's just too ridiculous/frivilous/decadent.  And I've come to realize that MY "red dress" is a tiara.  Because you don't just go out and buy yourself a tiara.  I have nowhere to wear a tiara. I have no special occasion I want it for. I can't even articulate to you WHY I want a tiara, I just DO.

I actually added a tiara to my Amazon Wish List last year... and there it sits.  And I am STILL trying to rationalize buying a tiara. And I don't know if I can actually talk myself into being ok with spending the money on a tiara. And no, a cardboard tiara would NOT be "just as good".  Because if you're going to have a tiara, you may as well go for "the real thing".

I'll let you know if I ever go ahead and get my tiara. And maybe just putting out the intention to the Universe is enough.  It's fun to think about, anyways.


  1. Click here:


    Then get yourself your tiara.

    You deserve your tiara, dammit. We all deserve our tiaras.

  2. @lucysfootball - THANK YOU... I have now watched the clip included in that post about 2 dozen times.