Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What day is it?

I notice that I last posted on Saturday and I think it is now the wee hours of Thursday and I have no idea where the week has gone. I mean, I've not been in bed sleeping since then, but the last few days have been a blur of waking up, being cold all day long, working and then off doing all the things that people who have social lives do and wondering how the heck I got a social life and then wondering if I am going to spend the whole weekend asleep because I have been getting about three hours of sleep a night because while being social is exhausting for me, it also winds me up and then I need to decompress (thank you to SJ for a reminder of that excellent term) and I am sitting here right now freezing BUT I don't want to turn on the heat too much right before bed because it's a waste of heat and heat doesn't grow on trees and if it did, I wonder if the tea-picking monkeys could also pick heat or if the kevlar gloves that would require would too greatly diminish their manual dexterity.  And THAT, my friends, is the sort of thing that my brain ponders when I am sleepy.

But, you will notice that I am not immediately logging off and going to bed. This is partially because I am pondering the pros and cons of stopping off for a nice, hot bath on the way to bed and may be because I found a couple of chocolate covered pretzels and we all know how chocolate makes sleeping so much easier (just shush about the caffeine in chocolate, this is no time for science or nutrition facts).

I have two more nights out this week. Tonight (if we are going to count right now as Thursday), I go do my volunteer work for the Cat Rescue and Friday I am going to the art museum (yes, again).

The plan for the weekend is to work on the Closet Project unless I get a better offer. Which pretty much would be any opportunity to leave the house.

Finally (and I apologize that this has been a little weird and disjointed. I blame sleep deprivation). I have found my dream purse..I want this purse but know it'll never happen because I could never justify spending that much on a purse (unless I won the lottery or something).  I may have lustful dreams about that purse. I promise I won't blog about them (I can't promise there won't be a steamy story over on Literotica, though..)

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