Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trying to catch up...

I spent most of the weekend working on the Closet from H3LL.  Progress was made but there is still a long way to go and I sortve have a clock ticking and there are 2 stages in which the clock ticks....

1st - POSSLQ is going to come back from business travel at some point and want a place to sleep.  Since that bed is largely being used for the pile o' stuff from the closet, I have to figure out how to get things subdued and cleaned up to the point that there will, indeed, be a bed to sleep on. (I am not foolish enough to pile things on MY bed!)

2nd - I am probably having out-of-town company in March and they will be staying at my place (non-negotiable, they WILL be at my place).  I'd like to not die of embarrassment when they come. Therefore, I will have to have the Closet from H3LL either beaten into submission OR I will have to find a way to haul it all out, rent a storage locker and then when they are gone, haul it all back.  Let me just say, I miss the days of having a garage.  Also, I can't afford a storage locker so... I have to get the closet whipped into submission before March.  And if you've never had a Closet from H3LL you are laughing at me right now and think I am being overly dramatic.  I assure you, I am not.  What I am dealing with is a lifetime of things accumulated, moved, lost, found, lost again, packratted, hoarded and loved.  And the paperwork.. oh my, the paperwork.  My current apartment has 2 mid-sized closets. One in the bedroom and one off the main hall.  I cleaned the hall closet last year. Unfortunately, that meant that a bunch of stuff migrated to the bedroom closet and it became the Closet from H3LL.  While I now no longer have to keep my steam cleaner and vacuum sitting out, I also don't have a whole lot of storage real estate and I have a ton of STUFF.  So, I am working on it and will (eventually) prevail.

There are other things going on and I am trying to keep on top of emails, social media, blogs, etc. and failing miserably.  There are things I am really excited about, too.  But we'll get to those another day. Now it's nearly midnight and I have to function as a working person tomorrow.   Goodnight!

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