Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Induced Paralysis

I don't know if I am the only person to ever experience this or if other people have this issue, as well.  You start the weekend with a mile long list of things to do and you look at the list and ponder where to begin and before you know it, it's 10PM Sunday night and you're blogging about the fact that another weekend has passed and you got nothing (or very little) done and now you will be behind all week again and need to spend next weekend catching up.   Well, that pretty much describes at least 3 decades of my life. I am NEVER caught up but I suffer from Project-Induced Paralysis on an alarmingly frequent basis.  I've tried all sorts of things to get myself on track but it always seems to come back to sitting here on Sunday night and realizing that another weekend has gone by and I am no closer to getting things done now than I was on Friday night.

I suppose that part of my problem is that I have this delusion that somehow, miraculously, I will receive an invitation to do something really fun on the weekend and I don't want to get all involved in a project and then miss the invitation because I was vacuuming and didn't hear my phone or I was up to my glutes in the closet project and missed an email inviting me to the most fun event ever that came up at the very last second...  And I KNOW that the chance of that happening is pretty much nothing, but it is the sort of thing that seems to enable my ongoing Project-Induced Paralysis.

I assure you, I am thoroughly disgusted with myself and am ruminating about how this is going to impact the coming week and I know that The POSSLQ is eventually going to be back in town and want a bed to sleep in but I made no progress in helping that happen this weekend. 

To be fair, I did take a ton of trash out and now the hall closet is as good as it gets once again (it's not perfect, but it's a hall closet and I just don't have very high expectations for it).  And I vacuumed the bedroom. Brought the kitty litter up from the car and cleaned the kitty box. And generally tidied a bit so if they come around to do their Fourth Amendment violating "inspection", they may not be completely appalled.  Don't think that my place is fit to be condemned or anything, it just isn't pristine and ready for a Better Homes & Gardens photoshoot.  And really, how many homes ARE like that on a daily basis (if you have one of them, I cannot fathom why you are reading my blog. Seriously.)

I also remotely logged into my work computer today and finished up something so that tomorrow and Tuesday will be less of a crisis.  So, that completely ate into the time that I was spending not getting anything done. They may hesitate to renew my "slacker" card over that but I am sure I can convince them it was a one-time incident for which I am receiving counseling and I'll be fine.

I had some writing I wanted to get done this weekend and maybe I'll still get it done following this post.  There's still time before I go to bed (too late again, I'm sure).  And tomorrow I will look at my list and be woeful at how many things did NOT get checked off the list.  Like every other Monday that I can recall.   I suppose when you wake up and have nothing on your "to-do" list, you're probably either a)ready to die or b) already dead.  Neither of which is optimal. (I would imagine. I've never been dead so I suppose I have no basis for comparison)...

So, anyone else have this problem or is it just me?


  1. You are not alone! I'm still working on a painting project I started in October of 2011. Seriously. And my library looks no different today than it did the day I moved in almost a year ago.

    I laughed when you talked about not working on a project because of possible plans coming up. I hate committing to things in advance because I'm afraid of the same typeof thing and I want to keep my options open.

  2. @Stephanie J - Well, I'd never bail on a friend because of a "better offer" but I hate getting into a project & missing an opportunity to do something way more fun. Like...cupcakes would win out over The Closet Project!