Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Friendly?

I've been blogging, in some capacity, since 2004.  I've written a number of blogs, starting on LiveJournal, then Multiply, even on Yahoo for a while.  Because of my personal situation, there have been many things that I haven't blogged about on my main blog or I've actually started completely new blogs because there were things I wanted to talk about but I didn't necessarily want, say, an ex-husband to come across and think (correctly or incorrectly) that the situation I was blogging about was about him.  I call my daughter "The Girl" in blogs and don't talk about her often because I don't ever want anyone to go back to her and start an ugly rumor.

In the last year or so, my blogging ambitions have shifted some.  This is partially due to getting more involved in the community I now live in, partially because of people I have met and partially because I have had some new directions in my life and I wanted to blog about those things (couponing, reviews, etc.)

But I find myself in a tich of a quandry now that I am taking some steps to do some monetizing on my blogs.  I often see something I want to participate in that has, somewhere in the blog about the event/giveaway, etc. that you can only participate if your blog is "Family Friendly".  I have yet to involve myself in a single thing thusly marked because... well, I'm just not sure what that MEANS.

Ok, I get that a blog is NOT family friendly if every other sentence contains an "F-Bomb".  I get that nudity is no go. I run through my head "Is this something a child should see" sometimes.  And then I go back to being confused.  Here's why...  My daughter was almost 3 when South Park came on TV.  I knew very well that South Park was NOT a cartoon meant for children.  But I'm going to tell you that my daughter, at almost 3, did watch South Park.  Pretty much every episode.  And she watched music videos.  She never saw an episode of Barney, though, and I think only caught The Teletubbies at a friend's house.  She did not pick up bad language or bad behavior from any of this.  In fact, until she was almost 15 years old, she didn't cuss at all and would comment on it if anyone else did ("You said a cuss" was her usual phrase)

So, what would be "family friendly" in my household would never fly in other households.  But I don't want to go to the extremely conservative end of the spectrum, either, because there are people who think that music and dancing are horrible things and I am just not trying to appeal to that sort of extremist.  But, here's the thing.  EdenFantasys, an "adult" company, has a fabulous program for bloggers. Plus, they have an affiliate program. And I am pretty sure that I can't get away with doing adult toy reviews on my blog and even remotely qualify as "family friendly" but, on the other hand, people had to have sex (in most cases... I know people adopt) to get families in the first place so is talking about adult products really not "family friendly" as long as I am not doing a post that is full of pictures of S&M fetish equipment and huge phallic objects?  How about contraceptive devices? Strictly forbidden?

Ultimately, I am probably going to decide to include what I want to include here and hope that I don't have anyone get overly offended by what I offer. Also, I am probably going to continue to "opt out" of the "family friendly" opportunities because, honestly, I am unsure enough about what's ok WITH THE ENTIRE BLOGOSPHERE that I don't want to "opt in" and then get told "Your blog is way too smutty for this giveaway/bloghop/promotion".    I guess that, in the end, I find that while I am a BIT of a sheep... I am, at best, the one that grazes a little removed from the flock... my rainbow wool causing the rest of the herd to roll their eyes and refer to me as "wolf bait".

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