Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Don't Know Me Anymore...

So, in the past couple of weeks, I've been to the Dallas Museum of Art....TWICE.  Since when do I go to any sort of museum, much less an art museum?  Ok, yeah, I used to sortve dig the Science Museum Up North but I went every five years or so, so it wasn't a HABIT or anything.

I've had a bunch of fun at the art museum. Even if one of the exhibits I saw made me think some very unpolitically correct (not sexual, though) thoughts about who it would be fun to share that exhibit with.  And last night was Late Night at the museum and there was music and art and a Madonna tribute artist.  Plus, we went to hear Cintra Wilson speak and I have to admit to a bit of a girl-crush on her because she's freakin' hilarious and brilliant and I envy her writing ability PLUS she wears black ALL THE TIME. I have to get ahold of her books (yes... *gasp* I am actually going to read a book instead of doing all of my reading on the Internet, although she DOES have a blog! Squee!)

Sunday (tomorrow? today? I am still a little shaky on what day it is) I am going to the art museum AGAIN and then trekking off to Teavana. Maybe I can find a tea monkey for Lisa...  then maybe she'll have lunch with me. Or dinner. Or drink a bottle of whipped cream vodka and eat bacon and Cheetos... I should check to see if she likes the puffs or the crunchy kind, though...(of Cheetos...)

So, since I have an actual agenda tomorrow, I had better get to bed now so I don't over sleep.  Get yourself some Cintra Wilson books and read!  (If you're not sure you'll like them, I will more than likely post more about the books after I have read them).

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  1. I should wear black all the time. And really red lipstick. But, I won't.