Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doing Everything But What I Should Be Doing....

I had every intention of doing a blog post to close my day. I was going to post and then go to bed. But that isn't what is going to happen. Because I am going to do my blog post and then take a bath. And after my bath, I am going to hang the clothes I washed up to dry.  I can't hang the clothes up before the bath (or indeed, when I washed them) because the clothes hang in the tub so they don't drip all over the floor which would likely cause me some serious bodily harm when I shuffle into the bathroom at 3AM to get water to make the cat's fountain stop making noise and then there would be water on the floor (from the clothes, not from fetching water for the cat's fountain) and I would slip, fall and possibly crack my head open and very likely die because there's no one here but the cats and I and something tells me that my cats aren't the kind who would call 911 but more the type that would take the opportunity to get on the Internet and order several pounds of premium catnip.

I am taking a bath tonight because 1) it is cold and I can't sleep when I am cold and 2)I like baths way more than showers but I cannot train myself to get up early enough to take a bath in the morning and would probably end up falling asleep in the tub and waking up about noon and you can only do that a couple of times before people start to wonder if maybe they should call whatever professional personnel to stage an intervention. Except that my falling asleep in the tub is because I am tired, not because I'm intoxicated but people always claim "exhaustion" when they've been on a bender so it's not like anyone will buy that I am falling asleep in the tub because I stay up until midnight doing blog posts.  It's a vicious cycle, people.

I discovered today that a file I desperately need has been corrupted so, instead of being able to do the project in the allotted time and have time for things like Quality Control, I will be frantically recreating a huge data entry file which will have to be tested a half dozen times and then will do a huge merge and hope it doesn't blow up.

Also, I think I need to find a way to trim my cat's back claws because she likes to nap on my chest and now my chest is full of cat scratches which probably looks like I've been on that bender I mentioned a couple paragraphs ago AND that I have an overzealous lover. Who needs to trim his nails. Or his fangs.  So, maybe I look like I'm hooking up with a werewolf.  I will let you come up with your own off-colour innuendo there (email me if you can't come up with any on your own... I've got plenty to go around but I'm TRYING to keep this a "family friendly" place).

Well, my bathwater is getting cold and if I have to re-run it, it will cut into my bath-napping time. Goodnight Internetz!

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