Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why I am still awake...

I should be in bed right now. Actually, I should be in bed an hour ago but here I am.  That's dedication. Or stupidity. Either way, I'm here.

Part of my problem is that I have things I need to get done. For instance, last night I needed to file my sales and use tax quarterly report thing online. But to do that I had to find a couple of numbers off the last paper that was sent to me and I had cleaned off my desk and haven't filed things so I had to go excavating for the paperwork I needed in order to get the filing done because you know how the tax people are... if you're late, they want money for your being late.  And since I have negative amounts of money, I needed to get my filing done. Which I did.  But I had other things I needed to do, too and it was midnight before I got to bed.  And then I laid in bed and thought about all of the other things I needed/wanted to do last night but didn't get to because it was MIDNIGHT and I needed to get to bed.  So, obviously, I need to figure out a way to lobby for more hours in a day or a shorter workweek or maybe I need a personal assistant who can do my job so that I can do all the other things that need doing. Or a clone. I wouldn't have to pay a clone (you don't have to pay clones of yourself, right?)

Anyhow... tonight I am up late because I had stuff to do and part of that "stuff" was to watch Tamona's awesome Smoothie Making Experience video ( theoretically, if you do the clicky on "Smoothie Making Experience" back yonder, it will take you to the video).  I'm not even mad that I stayed up so I could watch it because it was educational and fun and a good way for me to end my day on an up note.  (Like eating a bunch of Double Stuf Oreos only without the calories or guilt!)

Now that I've come and made my blog post, I can take a slug of The Green Death and go to bed (I've got allergies, The Green Death allows me to breathe... Don't Judge Me, people!)  Goodnight!


  1. Didn't know NyQuil was called green death. Thanks for that. I usually use Benadryl, but those pills are pink. Pink death doesn't have a very ominous ring to it. It sounds like death by bunnies or something fuzzy.

  2. You don't have to actually pay the clones, but I think the start up cost is pretty high. Also, your clone will share your exact DNA, so both of you will end up at midnight without the filing done. Which is probably why the science of cloning hasn't taken off like you would think.

  3. The best part about clones is that they won't take your money. Some part of the clone will think its paying itself and refuse to take the money because they dont wanna pay lol!!!

    @LGalaviz, those bunnies from HOP are super ominous. I should know, I wanna be one. They had cute little pink berets and would shoot you with poisonous darts lol! I love that movie.

    Laura I have a nightly addiction that I snort up my nose called Nasal Annihilator aka nasal spray. Its awful and I have never admitted it until now. Now I feel unclean like the little girl on Mommy Dearest lol!