Monday, October 24, 2011


Everyone talks about kicking bad habits but what about cultivating good ones?  I was almost ready to log off and go to bed tonight (at a decent hour... so there was flaw one in my plan) and realized I hadn't yet blogged. 

I really want to have some self-discipline and it seems a terrible struggle for me. As comforting as routine can be, I feel almost genetically compelled to buck the system, even when the system is of my own devising.

Plus, I really need some focus and I've got a decided lack of that, too. And it makes me crazy feeling distracted and like I'm running in a hamster wheel accomplishing nothing.

However, I think I can pin tonight's fuzziness on the fact that my wonderful (asshat) neighbor blasted his stereo for most of last night loud enough to shake my walls and prevent me from getting any sleep.  I don't know if everyone else was invited to the party or if people are comatose/in drug-induced hazes/are tired from wrangling their herds of children but all the neighbors seemed well rested this morning. Which then makes me wonder if the cats are slipping ME catnip.

And when you start worrying about your cats turning you into a 'nip head, it's clearly time for bed.

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