Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm getting my rump kicked by allergies. I believe it is ragweed right now.  I need to get my hands on some local honey and build up some immunity to this because not being able to breath and having very itchy, watery eyes is no fun.  Also, it doesn't help productivity.

I have to find some paperwork but it's not going to happen tonight. However, it MUST happen tomorrow night. I did get a load of laundry done tonight and paid a couple of bills, so I accomplished something.

Going to get to bed and see if I can sleep up some antihistimine!


  1. Not to sound like a mom... but they have great drugs for this sort of thing that you don't even have to buy off the street. In fact, please don't buy allergy medications off the street because they might be crack. Crack will NOT help with the ragweed.

  2. Upon further reflection, I am not qualified to give anyone advice regarding allergy medications because apparently that leads directly to buying crack. Or not buying crack. You should stick to the local honey.

  3. Unless, of course, the local bees have been smoking crack.

  4. @LGalaviz - I am pretty sure my local bees (in my neighborhood) are probably on some drugs because the little buggers didn't come pollinate my tomatoes this year.

    Also, we live in the same city, I cannot fathom why we haven't met yet. Obviously, I have to do that whole "leaving the house" thing I've heard people talk about.