Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally Friday

I worked on the bedroom directly after coming home from work tonight so at least I got a little done in there.

Tomorrow I have errands to run (since I skipped shopping tonight partly out of ennui and partly so I could maybe find some more coupons to take with me) and am thinking about trying to (finally) get to a local (close to my house) art fair.  But then I will have to come home and get to work on the bedroom again.  My goal is to get it beaten into submission before I go to bed Sunday night.

I had entertained the notion of trying to go to the laundromat this weekend but it's too big of a time sink with everything else I want to do this weekend.

And... I am vaguely proud of myself for not ordering Chinese food tonight even though I really wanted to. In the end, I had a hard time justifying spending the money and it was getting late so I had salad and called it good enough.

Now I am off to do some coupon hunting before bed.


  1. Okay, but are you going to get some Chinese food later? Because I could totally go for some. Just a thought.

  2. @LGalaviz-It would be totally awesome to have Chinese food with you. We should work on that. Seriously. I mean, I haven't tried to track you down using the Internet, but if your profile is right, you aren't that far from me. (I am not a stalker... I am a hungry, lonely person)