Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wine & Writing Wednesday

Usually I am at the Wine Bar on Tuesday nights with my laptop and some other writers.  But this week, we had to rearrange things and ended up having Wine & Writing Wednesday.  I am so used to doing it on Tuesday nights, though, that I have been thinking all day today that today is Tuesday and then having to correct myself, which has been a bit weird. 

Tuesday nights, the wine bar is very quiet and we chat.  Tonight is pizza night, though. And live music night. And crowded as heck night.  Which has made things interesting. I don't know if it has made things more or less productive.

By the way, the pizza is Chef TJ's Woodfired Pizza and if you are in the DFW Metroplex, you need to find them and have their pizza. These are not your average pies... they are really tasty and unique.  And how fun is a MOBILE woodfired pizza oven? 

And if you haven't been to The Wine Therapist, you should make the trip. It's a nice little place and very writer friendly (like a coffeehouse, but with wine.... and ambience....)

So, tonight has been a nice night.  A welcome respite from the chaos that has been going on lately.  I think I have a date this weekend with the Closet o' Awful.    But once that's done, things should be much more organized.  I'm sure other things will come up, but it will be nice to get that done.

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