Thursday, December 1, 2011

So, this is December?

I'm not quite sure where November went. It zipped right by as I worked on my novel, I guess.   Actually, I sortve feel that much of life just went zipping on by in November and am ready for the relative calm of December.

Tonight I ended up working late. I was trying to get a headstart on a big project that I should finish tomorrow and was entering data at my desk when my boss walked out of his office (my desk is in a hall space between two offices), walked right past me and out the door, switching all of the lights off and locking the door behind him as he if I wasn't even there.  I'm hoping that this means that the tea I've been drinking is not only antioxidant, but is also imbuing me with the power of invisibility. Because that would be awesome.  I mean, it obviously has its down side if no one can see that you show up to work every day I guess eventually they'd hire someone else to do your job but you could just hang around and wait for bank vaults to open and help yourself or hang around at the bank and when they open your file just add some strategically placed numbers to your account balance...  If you are a more ethical invisible person, I still bet there are people who would pay for the services of an invisible person.  You could approach corporations and suggest that you sit in on competitor's high-level meetings (ok, still an ethical gray area) or maybe offer your services to prisons to hear what the inmates chat about, which crimes they are admitting to committing and the like.  Maybe work for the police by infiltrating a suspected drug cartel?  Or, hey, loss prevention at retail establishments.  No more shoplifters getting spooked by visible store security personnel.

Of course, this assumes you are either a full-time invisible person or that you have absolute control over your invisibility because I am guessing that invisibility doesn't totally work if you are wearing clothing and to all of a sudden turn visible, stark naked, would probably not be a happy outcome.

I'll bet you could do pretty well as a private investigator if you were invisible.  There are always going to be people who need information about other people that they can't outright ask for...

So, maybe my December won't be productive... at least not in a traditional sense.  I'm going to have to drink lots more tea.  I theorize that all the oxidants and free radicals are what keep us visible so if I can just ingest enough antioxidants, I should ring in the new year a less visible me.  I should probably work a little on my body just in case invisibility DOES require nudity.  Tea leaves may make tasty tea, but they do little to provide ample coverage if your invisibility wears off.

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  1. I guess this means invisibility must be more of a warm-weather activity. Like going to the pool.