Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Acts

A couple of days ago I followed a link that took me to a Target Coupon that was for a $10 gift card if you spent $50.  My printer ended up printing two of them (yay!) BUT they expired Dec. 3rd and I could not do two $50 shopping trips that quickly (the budget groans at the thought) so I put both in my purse and had a plan...

I did my shopping, paid, got my gift card (saved $30 with coupons + $10 gift card... go me!) and then walked slowly down the row towards the door glancing at the totals of other folks checking out.  I found one over $50 that hadn't paid yet so I swooped in, handed the cashier the coupon, wished the couple a "Happy Holidays" and scooted out of the store.  No, I'd never seen them before in my life but I like to think I brightened someone's day (cuz, hey, $10 gift card that was FREE, right?)  So, that was my Random Act for today and I'm pretty happy with how it went!

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