Monday, December 12, 2011

A Case of The Mondays

This morning I attempted to get on the right track but was quickly run over by a runaway train of thought... I was just out of sync and off-kilter all day today and I have had a really hard time focusing lately and I don't know exactly what my problem is.

I need to get my closet cleaned out but that will be put off for another week which annoys me somewhat but I guess if my happy heinie had gotten around to doing what needed to be done sooner, I could have gotten things done and actually had some sales for the holiday season but here I am now with all of the things I need scattered here and there and buried in the Closet From H*LL and so, I have set my sights on getting it cleaned out and getting things organized and then using the month of January to get things on track to have sales in February for Valentine's Day (I am either an incredible optimist or incredibly stupid... the jury is still out as to which actually applies!)

BUT... I've been getting writing done lately (both novel writing and blogging) so I guess I haven't been a total slacker.  And I may have found another couponing friend!

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