Monday, December 26, 2011

AdSense makes no sense to me...

A few weeks ago, after years of not joining Goggle Adsense because I didn't think it'd be worth it,  a friend talked me into trying it out.  This is a growing blog and I am experiencing a growth in traffic and I thought it might be worth a shot.

Lo and behold, I started getting some clicks. I got to the payment threshold and did all of the things you have to do to get a payment.

So, imagine my utter dismay when I get in my email box CHRISTMAS MORNING an email from AdSense saying that they are disabling my account for "invalid clicks".  Now, I run their ads not only on this site, but on my other sites as well. I have no idea which of my accounts was allegedly generating the illicit activity and Google can't (read: WON'T) tell me which account is the issue.

This is all highly suspect to me, because until I was in line to actually get a payment everything was fine.  Also, way to ruin my mood on CHRISTMAS. 

Google AdSense violated Wil Wheaton's Prime Directive "Don't Be A Dick"... I did nothing wrong, brought traffic to their advertisers and they have disabled my account, which after reading their forums seems to mean I am banned FOR LIFE with no recourse.  And the money I made? Yeah, not going to get it.  But to me, the worst part is that this all happened CHRISTMAS MORNING, when I was already feeling pretty blue about things.

Since I wasn't really counting on revenue from AdSense, the loss of the accounts is a petty inconvenience. I am, honestly, more insulted than anything else.  And if anyone ever asks me if AdSense is a good program I will tell them to not even bother considering it.  Nor will I ever consider using them to do advertising for my business or any business I am involved with. 

Makes no sense to me... Now, on to bigger and better things!


  1. Funny, I'Ve considered adsense, but every time I look at it carefully, I don't think it'd earn much for the hassle involved.

    You've helped me put that off a bit longer. Thanks.

  2. I had adsense for several months earning peanuts. I started giving illustrated talks to local groups and societies which encouraged people to look at my blog. Next thing I know was I got the e-mail telling me that my adsense account had been cancelled because of the possibility of invalid clicking. I think it is a racket which one cannot do anything about. I hate to think how many people have been conned in this way