Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Hold

Tuesday night I got home late, went to log on to my computer internet connection.  Annoyed, I reset the router internet connection. The modem is in the livingroom, the router and computers are in the office. I went out to check the modem and...hmmm... that's not good, there were dark spots where there are supposed to be lights.  Cycle the modem and... no internet connection.  Tired and frustrated, I went to bed thinking it would all be ok come morning (as it has been before when this has happened).

I woke up at 4:30AM on Wednesday, stumbled out to the livingroom and... still a lack of lights on the modem.  Cycle everything (once again)... no internet connection.  Call Time Warner (don't like them, but they are the provider in my area. sigh.) and there is no outage in my area.  Tech asks all the standard questions, we conclude that maybe my modem (6 years old) needs replacing.  Great.  Just what I need. Especially on top of the fact that sometime between Sunday evening and Tuesday morning, the driver's side headlight had burned out.

Managed to get the headlight fixed (thanks to a handy co-worker) and get a new modem on Wednesday.  Brought the new modem home, installed it internet connection.  Called the lovely folks over at Time Warner again and they say they need to send a technician out, how does SUNDAY sound?  Seriously? I live in a major metropolitan area where you people employ hundreds, if not thousands of people and I have to wait from Wednesday until SUNDAY (a weekend AND a holiday, to boot!) for a technician?  But... I took the appointment after griping about losing work opportunities being offline that long.   So, on Sunday, some time between 10 and 2, there will (allegedly) be a technician at my place and I will (hopefully) be back online.

I suspect that one of my illustrious neighbors was fiddling with the cable box and messed things up, because everything was working fine on Tuesday morning and I noticed that the box that houses all the cables outside has been tampered with.  (Welcome to the 'hood)

I am taking all of this as divine intervention designed to get my butt in gear and deal with the Closet from H3LL.  Of course, if I spend the weekend at the coffeehouse on the Internet, I will thwart divine intervention but not get things cleaned up.. place your bet as to whether it will be productivity or procrastination.

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