Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Since I already missed "bedtime"...

I was so happy that I had no plans for tonight because I was going to come home and get things done and now's it's about half past Midnight and I'm still up (AGAIN!) because I have kept telling myself "just one more thing..." and then here I am still awake 2 hours past the time I really wanted to go to bed tonight!

Tomorrow night (well, since it's after midnight I guess what I really mean is TONIGHT) I will go do my volunteering with the cat rescue so I won't be home until later.  Friday I am off work but have a critical errand to run. The majority of the weekend will be spent trying to organize the chaos that is currently the Closet from H*ll (an unfortunate side-effect from cleaning the Closet o' Doom).  I also need to get the livingroom whipped back in shape and the kitchen beaten into submission.  Don't get me started on the state of the bathroom or the fact that I have a pile of laundry to tame!

My original plan for Christmas was that I was going to go to Arizona to spend it with my Mom and The Girl (my daughter).  But, life happened and so I'm not going (which I've known for a couple of months now).  I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend, though, so I am hoping to not sit around being mopey.  Actually, I will probably catch up on my blog reading and posting and coupon clipping over the holiday. And maybe actually address holiday cards (yes, I KNOW they'll be "late" by traditional standards but I figure if I get them out before Valentine's Day, I'm doing well for me!)

If you are taking the holidays off from blog reading, allow me to wish you a Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzaSolstica!  (Try to include everyone there) and if you don't celebrate any winter Holidays, perhaps I'll see you around the blogosphere this weekend!

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