Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tiaras &Teavana

Ended up at the Galleria today.  Went to Teavana where they still don't seem to have monkeys available (but still sell monkey-picked Oolong which I am starting to doubt is picked by actual monkeys due to the lack of monkeys for sale at Teavana).  I mean, they have everything else tea-related, it seems, so I don't understand the lack of monkeys.  Maybe I've just got overly high expectations, though.

I've written here before about tiaras and how much I want one.  Well, I happened to find & purchase a couple this afternoon and while I love them (yes, I got two) I feel weird having had to buy my own tiara.  Tiaras are bestowed, they are not bought by oneself. *sigh

I am suddenly exhausted... I don't know if it was the nearly three miles I walked today or if fighting oxidants was harder than I thought...

(since apparently BLOGGER was feeling lazy and didn't actually post this when I WROTE it)

Saturday we went to the Art Museum where we walked and walked and walked some more. We had a simply lovely lunch in the atrium where my friends gave me very lovely gifts and then we went and got cupcakes and then came home.  Between late lunch and cupcakes, we decided to skip dinner and plan on lunch on Sunday which will likely be a very late lunch since I am not setting an alarm clock and we are "sleeping in".

Monday... well, I am not ready to start thinking about that yet....

But I do need to think about getting some sleep.

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