Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Value of Networking....?

I had gotten tickets to go to a "convention" this coming weekend. The venue is about an hour drive (one way) for me and tonight I got an email informing me that parking at the venue is $10.  Well, that put me off the Friday portion of the conference because $10 for parking for 2 days is sadly right out of the budget right now.

Ok, then I got to thinking about Saturday and the conference starts at 8AM which means I should leave home no later than 6:30AM , which means I am going to have to get up about 5AM... And I am just SO not a morning person.

Yes, this event would be a good networking opportunity...but there is a similar event in a couple of months closer to home.  True, I am probably NOT going to score free tickets to that event and thus will probably not be able to attend but I am just less than enamoured with the idea of spending the gas money right now and then having to pay for parking and it's something geared towards Moms and perhaps not 100% appropriate for me.

Ugh... I hate having to make these decisions. I wish that I didn't have to decide things based on budget.

And completely unrelated... can someone PLEASE explain to me what preschool children are doing running around outside screaming at almost 1AM?  No, I didn't think so.  On that note, I'm going to bed.


  1. Oh... don't go to anything geared towards moms. Especially if you have to get up at 5am and pay for parking. You dodged a bullet on that one.

    I was thinking about joining some blogging groups and conferences. Any you can recommend?

  2. @LGalaviz- DFW Bloggers and She is Dallas are both good groups AND I just happen to have their buttons over to the left on my sidebar. I've never been to a blogger conference but I know there are some "Blogger Boot Camp" things and of course the big BlogHer convention that are out of state and I can't afford.

    Bloggers in Sin City is another meetup but that's a) in May and b) sold out for this year, I believe.

    I also belong to Studio 30+ (also on my sidebar) but they aren't local. Still, it's a good way to connect with other bloggers.

    Of course, if you start hanging out with Bloggers, our paths will probably cross... I promise I don't bite. (Unless you ask really nicely...and are into that..not that I am, I'm just sayin'...)