Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muffins and Bacon

It's Sunday morning and I'm full of delicious blueberry muffins and bacon. No, I didn't suddenly have an attack of domesticity, POSSLQ is home from being a road warrior and made breakfast.  And he's making pork roast for dinner tonight.  The kitchen will be confused as lately the only appliance that really gets any use is the refrigerator. (Yes, I just anthropomorphized my kitchen... it's my blog, I can do that if I want to).

I should work on making things less chaotic today. I am already in a panic about company coming in March. I suppose I should go and get the mail but that'd mean leaving my apartment and I am really just not that ambitious today.  I will consider it a miracle if I manage to get anything done.  But I suppose I should do SOMETHING so all this yummy food I am eating won't turn into another five pounds taking up residence in my posterior.

Also, you should go and check out this Giveaway... and take the opportunity to hop to some other great blogs that are also giving away groovy stuff (yes, I just used the word groovy... for I am old).  I promise, the things that are being given away are really great and well worth the time to check out plus you might find a new blog or two to read.

Guess I am off to start on some chores. Although I'd rather sit here sipping coffee and eating delicious muffins. Ahhh, it was nice while it lasted. Now back to reality!

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